Al-Fateh Educational Institution (or Mahaad Pendidikan Al-Fateh ) a relatively new institution

( now in its fourth year! ) is an educational center which integrates academic with Islamic programs

for children from pre-school upto tertiary levels.

The main objective is to InsyaALLAH produce believer og high integrity that can confront challenges of life based on Al-Sunnah. The learning system is based on authoritative knowledge and sincerity of heart and is not orientated towards passing examination but towards practing and living the knowledge. The Institution offers the following :

Stage 1 : Primary School Education

Stage 2 : Secondry School Education

The school determined to play an important role in the development of a strong ummah based on firm Islamic values and identity by providing quality and affordable education to all irrespective of creed and colour.

Thus , the school programs are directe towards motivating the the individual to realize his/her full spiritual, interllectual, emotional and physical potentials. The students vary in the educational process of each child, InsyaALLAH.

Rasulullah SAW said : “ True knowledge is not measured by how much one has memorized and then narrates, true knowledge is a manifestation of piety.”

Hadith Soheh narrated by Abu Naeem


The school opens from 8.00 am and finished at 4.00 pm, from Sunday to Thursday. A typical day starts with 30 minutes of Assembly followed by on hour of Quranic studies. After 30 minutes break there are seven ( 7 )  periods of study for the other subjects each of 40 minutes duration.